Swiss Company develops Google Glass for Dentist

The Swiss company Hub Spider the IT section of Curaden has developed a hands-free solution with the wearable miniature computer that connects dentists to a cloud-based practice management system, offering a number of considerable benefits in daily dental practice.

Things have gone quiet on this front at the moment, more due to the revamp of Google Glass than due to the inertia of Hub Spider.  However I think this is an area to keep a close eye on.

Where it is going

Just have a look at where virtual reality is going.

Announced at the London Wearable Technology Show today, The Virtual Surgeon is the first captured 360 degree recording of a medical operation, intended for use in the UK. It follows a laparoscopic right hemicolectomy procedure as carried about by company co-founder Dr Shafi Ahmed at St Bartholomew’s Hosptial, London. Dr Ahmed is no stranger to using new technologies to enhance medical training; last year saw him perform the first live-stream of an operation using the Google Glass AR HMD, which was watched live by some 13,000 surgical students across 115 countries.